1. THE INTERCULTURAL FORUM provides ways for people to learn about and interact with religious and cultural diversity. Our goal is to foster understanding and collaboration between people of all cultures, faiths, beliefs and non-belief backgrounds.
  2. “In order for us to tackle issues of prejudice, discrimination, and hate, we must begin dialogues. I think it is vastly important to focus on young people because they are ready to be thinking in new ways.” – Trained Speaker, Bahá'í Faith
  3. "Thanks a lot for answering my question before.  I've always wondered that and I've never gotten to ask a Jewish person before…because I've never met a Jewish person before.”           - Student, Cristo Rey High School 

  4. "It is nice to put a face onto different beliefs instead of grouping people together. It is important to put a face onto beliefs because it breaks down barriers that divide us."                  - Student, Regis High School